Greek Life Museum Opens!

Greek Life 5This past weekend, the Chi Phi Fraternity officially opening the Greek Life Museum at the national headquarters in Suwanee, Georgia. The project was years and thousands of man-hours in the making. The Greek Life Museum Committee headed by Brother Senour Reed, the current Grand Epsilon, announced the opening with a string of speeches that thanked all how worked hard and donated money to see the museum become a reality.

The museum is not only a way to display theGreek Life 2 heritage of the Chi Phi Fraternity, but of all Greek Life. Each of the display cases that line the walls present a different era of fraternity and sorority history. One display holds a plethora of books written by fraternity men and sorority women including Brother Walter Cronkite, Dr. Seuss and Condoleezza Rice. Another bookcase houses every copy of the Chakette Magazine that the National Archives holds. These books go back to 1899.

Greek Life 4The last case holds the greatest treasures of Chi Phi, ornate badges from the Northern Order, Secret Order and Southern Order of Chi Phi. Some contain detailed etchings in simple gold, while others have rubies and pearls attached. All however, look very similar to the current rendition of the Chi Phi badge. Included in this display is a badge that was actually discovered on a Civil War battlefield in Tennessee.

The night also saw speeches from Brother Chris Shuler, Greek Life 3Chairman of the Chi Phi Educational Trust and from Grand Alpha, Brother Jim Soderquist. Brother Soderquist will abdicate his position come June when our own, Brother Ron Frank will once again take up the position of Grand Alpha.

Brother David Ebner attended to represent the DZAA, and the DZ Chapter sent Brothers Corey Irby and Billy De Guzman. Brother Ebner noted that not a single guest went unimpressed by the display and that the Committee and National Staff did the Fraternity proud that night.

Happy Birthday to the Brothers of Delta Zeta!

It may be a bit early, but the Delta Zeta Alumni Association wants to extend to all of our Brothers who have birthdays in April the warmest and happiest birthday wishes for a wonderful day!

happy-birthday-001Those celebrating this month are:

Luke Allen – April 14th
Nick Holm – April 19th
Mike Rizer – April 22nd
Khalid Bin Radhi – April 22nd
Errol Cruz – April 24th
Taylor Burke – April 25th
Jordan Nelson – April 30th

Best wishes to each and every one of you, as well as all of our other Brothers who will be celebrating birthdays in April (and who we may have missed in the above list)!

Founders’ Weekend 2015 – Scarlet vs. Blue

Who’s going to take home that trophy this year? That’s the question everyone wants to know (although, let’s face facts – the Alumni already know who’s going to win it!). That’s right, Founders’ Weekend will close out this year with the DZAA’s annual Scarlet v. Blue softball game and picnic on Sunday, April 19, 2015. The game will be held at the USF Riverfront Park on East Fletcher Avenue in Tampa.

DSCN3864 We will meet at Riverfront Park at 10:00 a.m., and the game will start promptly at 10:30 a.m. After the Alumni win the game, there will be a picnic with food provided by the Actives. Bring your family and loved ones out for a great time, and cheer on your Brothers as they once again take down the Actives and show them who still reigns supreme on the softball field!

It’s the 2015 Founders’ Weekend – don’t miss out on any of the festivities!