Chi Phi Expands in Tampa!

ChiPhi_Crest_2009In recent years, Chi Phi’s Grand Council has prioritized expansion, both returning to dormant Chapters and planting the Chi Phi flag on new campuses, as a major priority. Now, Chi Phi has been selected as an expansion finalist at the University of Tampa and may have the opportunity to create a new Chapter of the Fraternity in the upcoming year!

With this exciting opportunity comes the need to develop Alumni support for the potential Colony. This includes Alumni who can attend functions, such as recruiting events and alumni events (including Chi Phi’s presentation at the UT campus on Wednesday, March 18, 2015 at 5:30 p.m.), and, if Chi Phi is selected to expand, Alumni would be needed to serve as a member of the Colony advisory board to provide officer and undergraduate support, as well as provide potential financial support to the new Colony.

Join the Delta Zeta 11059194_10103718056901011_5761958150781080925_nAlumni Association in showing your support of this expansion presentation at the University of Tampa. We need to show our support to increase the chances of getting selected to start a new Colony at UT. The meeting will be held in the Martinez Athletics Center’s Sword and Shield Room and will begin promptly at 5:30 p.m. Business attire would be best!

Around the Peninsula – Theta Delta Chapter Kicks It Up for Charity!

Recently, the Brothers in the Theta Delta Chapter of Chi Phi at the University of Florida had a great time when they teamed up with the lovely ladies of Phi Mu UF (Alpha Nu Chapter) to play some kick ball and help raise money, not only for the Dance Marathon at UF, but also for something far more important – the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital!


The gentlemen of Chi Phi had a great time and sponsored a very worthy cause, reminding us all that being a part of Chi Phi isn’t all just about us – it’s also about supporting those around us in need! So snaps to our Brothers at UF for kicking it up for charity!


Around the Peninsula – Theta Delta Shows a True Giving Spirit

Last month, the Theta Delta Chapter of the Chi Phi Fraternity at the University of Florida got into the spirit of the season when they teamed up with the ladies of the Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority to provide the Boys and Girls Club with their very own Thanksgiving Dinner!

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In addition to a fantastic dinner, the Gentlemen of Chi Phi and the Ladies of Kappa Alpha Theta assisted the boys and girls in creating some arts and crafts that they could take home, as well as helping them write some “Thank You” letters to send to our troops who are stationed overseas.

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It’s the season of giving, and the charitable contributions of their time and effort clearly shows the Theta Delta Chapter has gotten into the spirit of things! Snaps to our Brothers at the University of Florida!