Around the Peninsula – Nu Delta is Building Boats!

Build a BoatBUILD A BOAT IS BACK!!! The brothers of the Nu Delta Chapter of Chi Phi have extended an open invitation to participate in their “Build a Boat” event on Saturday April 19th at 12:00 p.m. Teams of five (5) will construct a boat out of whatever materials they choose (inflatables, rafts, etc.) and then race the boat that they have built against the other teams. The Top Three finishers will receive a prize, but CREATIVITY is definitely encouraged and will be rewarded.

Afterwards, join Nu Delta at the Catalyst Pool for the after party with music, drinks, and food. If you have any questions please contact Miles Tombrink at (813) 716-2781 or email him at

For those who wish to attend the race, general admission is $5.  For more information, check out their Facebook page at


Around the Peninsula – Xi Delta Raises $1,200 for Boys & Girls Club

The First Annual “Kicking for Kids,” hosted by the Xi Delta Chapter of the Chi Phi Fraternity, was held recently at the Xi Delta KidsFlorida Avenue Soccer Fields. The Fraternity focused on raising funds for the Boys and Girls Club of America, whose mission is to facilitate after-school programs for young people while instilling a sense of belonging and worth for the individuals.  For Chi Phi, Kicking for Kids was the first large event that the chapter had done at Florida Tech. After deciding to host their first big event, Chi Phi pitched the idea of a soccer tournament.

Overall, fifteen teams participated in the competition on Sunday. The sudden death 8v8 soccer tournament required a $90 sign-up fee with all proceeds going to the national non-profit association. The winning team was rewarded with a trophy and $200. The games themselves began at 10 am and teams played throughout the day on two separate pitches, with a final match ending the event.  The event functioned as a ‘pilot tournament’ that would help the fraternity test out the idea for future years.

“This is our first time hosting the event so it will help us have a better idea for what we need to do for upcoming and future years,” explained Aral Taser, the Chapter’s Xi Delta Playsphilanthropy chair. “Hopefully we can make it an annual event that will grow and become more impressive each and every year.”  Whether it was to participate in the games or just to watch the tournament, FIT students came out to the event. With live music and food, spectators watched the thirty minute matches comfortably with friends and classmates. Many students were very pleased when they first heard about the event. “I heard about it first from Greek Life and I said to myself, I have to go to this. I really hope they keep this going. It will be great to know that we’ve raised a lot of money for the Boys and Girls Club,” said junior Shelby Zielinski. “I’m having an amazing time, both watching and playing. It will be interesting to see who wins.”

And at the end of the tournament it was International Football Club (ICF) that took home the trophy and cash. “We played hard!” the players stated as they paraded through the field with their trophy.

Xi Delta Wins

Snaps to Xi Delta for their dedication to the Boys and Girls Club!  For the full story, check out the Chakett at