An Active Semester for Delta Zeta

As the Fall 2014 Semester comes to a close, the Delta Zeta Chapter can look back over the past few months and admit that they did not sit still!

The young men of Delta Zeta participated in Chi Omega’s philanthropy, the “Chi O Rodeo 2014,” and while they didn’t quite make first place (hey, they placed second, which is still a pretty good place to be!), they had a great time and helped the Chi O’s raise some money!

Chi Phi Football

The Chapter was also involved with the Greek sports, playing some great games of flag football, where they managed to walk away with quite a few wins, showing off their athletic skills, as well as great sportsmanship.

Of course, the boys had a lot of fun with the “Murder Mystery” social they shared with the young ladies of Chi Omega and the gentlemen of Sigma Pi. Whodunnit? Well, the answer to that mystery is one only the boys know…

Semi Formal

Finally, it was all suits and ties for the Chi Phi Semi Formal in November, as the men dressed up and brought their dates for a wonderful dinner of Italian food and great company.

And while the Fall 2014 Semester may be reaching its end, the Delta Zeta Chapter is already looking ahead to the Spring 2015 Semester and the great things it will bring!

Catching Up with the Chapter – New Leadership!

Delta Zeta Actives

Change is good for the soul – and the changing of the guard often breathes new life into things. Such is the case of the new Executive Board for the Delta Zeta Chapter at USF. This semester has seen a new Exec Board come into place, and it is certainly anticipated that the new Board will bring with it some fresh, new ideas, as well as some excitement and enthusiasm!

The new Board members are:


ALPHA – Corey Marchello Irby


BETA – Nathan Drass

Corey 2

GAMMA – Jake Heintz


DELTA – Miles White

Corey 2

EPSILON – Paul Hinebaugh

Corey 2

ZETA – Blaise Levai


ETA – Matt Deem

The Alumni want to congratulate each of these Brothers for taking on these new roles within the Fraternity, and we know they will all work hard to help the Delta Zeta Chapter grow, not just in numbers, but in strength, commitment, and duty.

Keep up the good work, gentlemen, as you lead the Delta Zeta Chapter to greater heights – know that you have the full support of the DZAA!

Catching Up with the Chapter – New Members!

Delta Zeta Actives

While the Fall Semester is nearing its end for the Delta Zeta Chapter, it has definitely not been a stagnant one. The Chapter has added to its ranks six new members, welcoming six new Brothers into Chi Phi.


Julian Leone, Freshman


Taylor Burke, Freshman


Josh Baker, Freshman

(No Photo Available) – Leo Muniz, Sophomore


Mitch McHugh, Junior


Will Bramich, Senior

 The DZAA extends a welcome to these six young gentlemen, and we have no doubt that they will make excellent additions to the Chapter as they learn more about Chi Phi and strive to become better men, build lifelong friendships, gain valuable leadership opportunities, and develop stronger character.

Welcome to Chi Phi, gentlemen!