Delta Zeta – Fall 2014 Rush Week!


Okay, Alumni, it’s that time again – time to support our Active Chapter as they get ready to enter Rush Week for the Fall 2014 semester. The Actives have some great activities planned, and if you are in, or are planning to be in, the Tampa area over the next week, it would definitely be a great show of support if you could participate in some of the activities.

Friday, September 5th
CIGAR NIGHT, 5 pm – 7:45 pm
Cigar Castle, 11724 North 56th Street, Tampa, Florida 33617

Tuesday, September 9th
WING NIGHT, 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Marshall Student Center Ampitheater, USF Campus, Tampa, Florida

Wednesday, September 10th
MEET THE ALUMNI, 7 pm – 8:45 pm
Chi Phi House, 13410 Village Circle, Apt. 109, Tampa, Florida 33617

Friday, September 12th

The Actives would love to have the Alumni show up at any/all of the events – but the most important one is the “MEET THE ALUMNI” night on Wednesday evening, September 10th. This is an opportunity for prospective new members to meet not only the current Actives in the Chapter, but to meet the Alumni and see and hear just how Chi Phi has impacted their lives.
Let’s step up and help the Actives during their Fall 2014 Rush Week – make plans now to attend any and all events that you can!

What Chi Phi Really Teaches Us…

Ever wondered just what Chi Phi can do for you? Well, Brother Blaise Levai found out on Thursday exactly what Chi Phi has done for him when, in his Law and Politics class, he was called upon to lead a Mock Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing on the confirmation of a fictional Supreme Court Justice nominee.


“I was Chair of the Judiciary Committee,” Brother Levai states, “and I had to facilitate the hearing, start the questioning of the nominee, and ultimately lead a final vote. My experience in Chi Phi helped me run the hearing, due to my active participation in the Chapter. Looking at the Alphas during my time with Delta Zeta (Philip Gilroy and Jose Suarez) helped me learn how to conduct myself in a professional setting. Being exposed to those experiences in Chi Phi helped me run the 90-minute hearing.”

Brother Levai was pleased to share this experience, which he said was definitely a “full circle” moment for him, and what’s more, it helped him appreciate Chi Phi a lot more.

Congrats to Brother Levai for a job well done, and for reminding us all of just how much we truly have gained from our experience as Chi Phis!

Chapter News – As the Semester Ends…

And so another semester comes to an end at the University of South Florida, and the Delta Zeta Chapter readies itself for not only a Summer Break, but also it gears up for the coming Fall Semester.  Current Alpha, Phillip Gilroy, had a few words to share looking back:

“This past semester has been a productive semester for Delta Zeta. Despite not Alexhaving the best beginning this year, we finished strong. Unfortunately, only 2 new members were initiated. However, the Fall Semester looks very promising, with Rush Events already planned out. IFC has recently banned informal recruitment; so all new members must go through theMike formal bidding process. We are looking at having an Alumni Mixer with potential new members as a Rush Event. We participated in four (4) philanthropies, and won 1 of them, that being Chi LeonOmega’s ‘Sand Slam,’ which is a volleyball tournament. We also began to complete the Standards Of Fraternal Excellence for this year, and we are looking at hopefully getting Most Improved Chapter, as well as Chapter with Recognition in December. The Brothers who have either just graduated, or are graduating this summer are Alexander Sadowski, Michael Rizer, and Leon Ishikawa. If anybody has any questions feel free to contact me.

Philip Gilroy”

Snaps to the Chapter for all of their hard work, for the continuing drive to strive for success, and for producing gentlemen who portray the true qualities of a Chi Phi!  And congratulations to the recent graduates, as they enter into the world and join the rest of the Alumni as a part of the DZAA!

Enjoy the Summer, gentlemen, we look forward to seeing what you’re going to do in the Fall!