Chapter News – A New and Unique Traditions Dinner

On Friday evening, January 17th, the Brothers of Delta Zeta capped off their 2014 Spring Rush Week with a Traditions Dinner held at Acropolis in Ybor City.  After a successful week of meeting young men from all walks of college life, the Chapter gave out invitations to those who showed the most promise.   Seven men joined a number of the Brothers at Acropolis restaurant on Friday night, along with Alumni Brothers David Ebner and Todd Latoski, for a very fun and definitely unique dinner event!


With a taste of various Greek dishes, the Delta Zeta Chapter and Alumni got to better know the potential new members – from a freshman who moved here from India to attend school, to a junior who came up from Miami to study criminology, to a young man who is finishing his degree in the medical field with the hopes of becoming a hospital lab technician.  As always with Chi Phi, the standards are high, and these seven diverse young men certain show they are striving for great things.

 Chi Phi Tradition Dinner

One thing that set this Traditions Dinner apart from previous dinners was the highlight of the evening for these guys – the opportunity to strut their stuff and show off their belly-dancing skills!  That’s right!  Acropolis’ own belly-dancer came upstairs and lured the Brothers (and even the Alumni!) into taking a shot at dancing.  Some were good, some were bad, some were downright hysterical – but all were in good fun, making the night a definite night to remember!

Now the Chapter will make the decision of whom to send out bids and who will actually be the next new members of the Delta Zeta Chapter of the Chi Phi Fraternity at USF, and soon enough, we will be welcoming new Brothers into the fold!

Chapter News – Spring Rush!

Next week is Rush Week for the Delta Zeta Chapter of Chi Phi at University of South Florida.  The Active Brothers are excited about Rush, and their hope is to see the Chapter grow with some new gentlemen who exemplify the Chi Phi standards.  The Brothers have a lot of fun activities planned, from pigging out on pizza to showing their skills at bowling to raising the stakes with poker – all culminating in the Friday evening Traditions Dinner.

Rush Week

As always, the Actives want to invite the Alumni to come out and participate in as many events as possible to show potential recruits just how active the Alumni are in the Fraternity and the close relationship the Active Chapter has with the Alumni Association.  If you have any, or all, of the nights next week available, please consider joining in on the fun!

For questions, you can contact the Rush Chair, Alex Sadowski, (609) 781-0976.

Chapter News – Celebrating Chanukah

With all of the hoopla about the Thanksgiving holidays and the upcoming Christmas holidays, sometimes we forget about the Chanukah celebration that takes place each year.  This year, Chanukah was from November 27th through December 5th, and the Active Brothers co-sponsored a Chabbat event with Chabad USF.


Rabbi Pinny made an appearance at the event and shared some words of wisdom and encouragement, while the Brothers and others in attendance enjoyed sufganiyahs (the Jewish holiday donut) and homemade latkas.  There was also a candle ceremony, with everyone lighting their candle and singing a traditional prayer, and plenty of socializing with Chabad and other USF Greek organizations who were in attendance.

Remembering that Chi Phi’s Brotherhood recognizes and embraces diversity, it’s great to see our Active Brothers take part in another traditional holiday celebration!