Chapter News – Serving Chi Phi and the Community

The election results are in, and Philip Gilroy 208691_10150213412442448_1423786_nhas been voted in as the next Alpha, to serve the Fraternity in 2014.  Brother Gilroy has been active in the Fraternity on campus, and he states, “I am honored to be voted in as the next Alpha.  I would like to please both the Active Chapter and the Alumni.  If there is anything that you would like to see happen, please contact me.  I look forward to working with everyone.”  The Alumni Association congratulates Brother Gilroy on his new position!

But wait – there’s more!  The Chapter also elected more than just the Alpha!  After the votes were tallied, the new Exec Board and Chairs were named:  Miles White is the new Beta; 1463134_698308236847035_823123041_nNathan Drass is the new Gamma; Billy De Guzman is the new Delta; Michael Bennett is the new Epsilon; Blaise Levai is the new Zeta; Benyamin Katz is the new Eta; Alex Sadowski is the new Recruitment Chair; and Rico is the new Pi/Pledge Ed Chair.  Congratulations go out to each and every Brother as they step into these new roles, and we look forward to seeing the Chapter grow and strengthen under their leadership!

1425738_10153475672800006_1142331265_nThe Chapter also recently donated their time and efforts to assist the Boys and Girls Club of America, by cleaning and painting and providing necessary manpower and assistance in much needed clean up for the 1470368_10153475672740006_2111501229_norganization.  The Boys and Girls Club of America is Chi Phi’s national philanthropy, and the Chapter recently raised $450 to help the organization.  Now, in addition to money, they have given of their time and talents to further assist!  Snaps to all of the Active Brothers who participated in the community service event!


Chapter News – DZ Wins Again!

The Delta Zeta Chapter of the Chi Phi Fraternity at USF does it again!  After the magnificent wins during Homecoming Week – – after the successful Spelling Bee philanthropy – – now the Active Brothers have scored another win for the Chapter!  On November 8th, Chi Omega hosted their Chi-O Rodeo at the Greek Village Fields.  The Brothers put on an awesome performance, and in so doing, they took first place boot and first place overall for the night’s competitions!  Delta Zeta is showing themselves to be strong, both on campus and in the community, this year, and the Alumni are extremely proud of what these young men are doing!


And if that wasn’t enough, the Chapter initiated the seven new members into the Fraternity – congratulations goes out to Blaise Levai, Nathan Drass, Blake Halloran, Nick Julian, Raymond Vedros, Jake Heintz, and Ben Katz – welcome to the Delta Zeta Chapter, Brothers!

Alumni, let’s continue to show our support for the Active Chapter as they continue to grow and succeed!


Chapter News Extra! Homecoming Extravaganza

Homecoming Week wasn’t just a big event for the Alumni Association, what with the Fall Meeting, Tailgating, and Golf Tournament – it was also a winning week for the Chapter as well.  And win they did!  The Delta Zeta Chapter of the Chi Phi Fraternity teamed up with the ladies of Chi Omega and the gentlemen of Delta Chi to compete in the numerous Homecoming events.  Not only did they take 6 of the 8 First Place sashes (CharitaBull, Blood Drive, Shriner’s Tabs, Green and Gold Rush, Color the Campus, and Overall), but the Chapter also took home the First Place Trophy for Homecoming 2013!

 1382965_10200775077966410_348455336_n   578445_10200775078206416_1619128862_n

In addition to these great successes, the Chapter’s current Alpha, Jose Suarez, made it to the final round of the RedBull Play & Destroy competition, where students went head to head in an iPod battle.  The student DJs were given a category and had to play the beset 30 seconds of a song to win the crowd over.  Brother Suarez went up against a member of Sigma Chi, turning the tournament into a battle between fraternities.  At the end of the night, Chi Phi’s very own was declared to be the winner and named the top RedBull DJ of Tampa Bay!

1394914_10200765971018742_1184015561_n  1422775_10200765970978741_680653501_n

Turns out that both the Alumni and the Actives had a successful Homecoming Week – so snaps to all of the Delta Zeta Brothers!