Fundraiser Info – The Chi Phi Educational Trust

As many of you know (and some of you may not), each year, the Chi Phi Educational Trust provides financial support to the scholarship, educational and values-based leadership programs that impact Chi Phi students, chapters and the general public.  Our recent Golf Tournament raised funds to support the Chi Phi Educational Trust, and the Second Annual USF-Chi Phi Golf Scramble to be held in the Fall of 2014 will continue to support this fund.


The declared purposes of the Trust are:

  1. To assist and supplement the work of universities, colleges and schools in the promotion of the scholarship and development of the character and morality of students;
  2. To provide improved educational facilities, opportunities and conveniences for students; (c) To make donations and/or loan money to universities, colleges and schools;
  3. To assist needy and deserving students to complete their education;
  4. To aid aged or disabled former students who are in need and are worthy of assistance;
  5. To expend money for any other educational and/or charitable purpose not inconsistent with any of the foregoing specific purposes.

In 1933, the IRS recognized the Chi Phi Educational Trust as a 501(c)(3) educational foundation.  Since then, thanks to the support of thousands of alumni, parents, undergraduates, friends and corporate partners, the Trust has become a vital part of the success of Chi Phi.

Delta Zeta currently has in its Educational Trust fund a total of $8,461.17.   In 2013, the following people and companies helped to increase the funds in our Trust to that amount:

$105.00    B. Callaway
$100.71    David Ebner
$  25.00    Philip Gilroy
$  50.00    Todd Latoski
$100.00    Clinton Millsap
$105.00    David Millsap
$  50.00    Publix Supermarket
$472.50    Pyro Display
$225.00    James Ulseth
$294.00    Weller Enterprises
$241.57    Chip Woodward

The Delta Zeta Alumni Association would like to personally thank each and every one of our Brothers for their donations, and for those companies who gave of their resources to support this worthwhile fund.  If you’ve never given to support this cause, or if it’s been a long time since you have, we hope you’ll consider this when thinking about what donations you will be making in 2014 – your donation could go a long way to helping a fellow Brother complete his education!

Fundraising News – Rent-A-Chi

As previously mentioned, the DZAA is looking in 2014 to begin increasing the housing fund, with the ultimate goal of helping purchase a Chi Phi house for the Chapter.  To help get the ball rolling, the DZAA will be hosting a fundraiser this year unlike any other.


Do you have an unfinished project around the house?  Do you wish someone would haul off that junk in the back yard?  Do you dream of a day of rest, with someone to fetch your slippers, change the tv channel, and bring you a nice cold brew?  Does your car need washing…your lawn need mowing…your house need dusting?  Do you have a list of things you’ve been putting off because – well, quite frankly, you just didn’t want to do them?

What if we told you there’s a way to not only help the DZAA increase the amount of its housing fund, but to also check off items on that to do list at the same time?


Rent-A-Chi is coming….

Fundraising News – Funding the House

The new year is coming, and with 2014 just around the bend, your Alumni Association is looking at some long term goals – one of which is funding for the purchase of a house for Delta Zeta Chapter of the Chi Phi Fraternity.  As our DZAA President recently stated, we believe that our younger Brothers in the Delta Zeta Chapter deserve the opportunity to experience the benefits of a housed Fraternity.

Mu Delta Chapter of Chi Phi

When we stop and look back over the rich history of this Fraternity, and think about the numerous Chapters out there whose Brothers reside in a house specifically there for them, we can easily see what a difference it makes – not just in terms of responsibility and privacy, but also in developing a stronger camaraderie and bonding among the Brothers who share the common residence.

Tau Chapter of Chi Phi

In the coming years, the Delta Zeta Alumni Association will be looking at raising monies to increase the Housing Fund, and it is our sincere hope that all of our Brothers will step up and help out.

Kappa Delta Chapter of Chi Phi

Remember, the Chapter House is not just for the Active Brothers, but it is also a place for the Alumni to fellowship and a home for the Delta Zeta Brothers for many years to come.  More information will be shared in the coming months, and we are counting on you to answer the call!

Ready to  answer the call today? Follow this link to learn how you can make a small monthly donation that will have a huge long term impact.