Closing in on 150!

This year marked the 149th Congress for the Chi Phi Fraternity. Brother Kyllan Purdon, our Vice President for the Delta Zeta Alumni Association, attended this year, as did Brothers Philip Gilroy and Blaise Levai from our Active Chapter. There was a lot that went on at Congress this year, and Greek Yearbook captured a number of images from Congress.

 Chi Phi Congress 1

Chi Phi Congress 3 Chi Phi Congress 2

Chi Phi Congress 4

With the close of this year’s Congress, we are already looking ahead at next year’s event, which will be Chi Phi’s 150th Congress! For more pictures from this year, check out

Brother Ron Frank is the New Grand Alpha!

In case you’ve been hiding under a rock or living on the moon and haven’t heard the big news – at the 2014 Congress, Brother Ron Frank was elected to the esteemed position of Grand Alpha! This is a fantastic accomplishment, and without a doubt, we all know that Brother Frank will lead this Fraternity on to bigger and better things.


Congratulations, Brother Frank – the DZAA wishes you all the best as you take on this new role and enter the next chapter of your service in the Chi Phi Fraternity!

Congress is Coming!

CongressDuring the last weekend in June, delegates from every Chi Phi Chapter and Colony along with Alumni Associations and Housing Corporations will converge on Austin, Texas. If you have never been to a Chi Phi Congress, then you are missing out! It is business in the front and a party in the back; the ultimate Chi Phi Mullet. Thinking of you, 80’s Brothers!

The DZAA will be sending Kyllan Purdon, Vice-President, to represent our Association. Brother Purdon is no Congress rookie; he was able to serve as an intern last year and learned the in-and-outs of a good Congress. This year is crucial to the future of the organization, as we will be voting on a new Grand Alpha to succeed Brother Jim Soderquist, who, in my opinion, is one of the greatest Grand Alphas in the current era. Our Association has backed Brother Ron Frank in his attempt to win the vote. Brother Frank is the best man for the job, bar-none, and I know that many of you respect him as much as I.

Brother Purdon will also be tasked Kyllan Purdonwith discussing how to successfully administer a Housing Corporation with our fellow Alumni from other Chapters. Our goal of raising $100,000 for a house is starting to become a reality, and our Board does not take this task lightly. We are looking for the future home of the DZ Chapter, not for the next few years, but the next few decades. We owe it to all of you who are giving your hard-earned money, to spend it wisely and cost-effectively, and that starts with good planning.

Let’s all give a warm DZ send off to Brother Purdon at June’s Third Thursday on June 19th at the Brass Tap in Carrollwood.