Chi Phi in the Limelight!

Turn on your television, head out for a game – no matter where you go or what you watch, you may find yourself watching a Brother without even realizing it!


For the past month, Brother Ben Portman, of the Phi Lambda Theta Chapter, has been competing on the Food Network’s America’s Best Cook.  Brother Portman has continued to impress the judges with his culinary skills, and it’s a sure bet that all of his fellow Chi Phis are watching with the hopes of seeing him walk away the winner!


While one Chi Phi shows off his cooking talent, another Chi Phi recently showed off his singing skills.  Brother Christian Davey, of the Rho Iota Kappa Chapter, proudly sang the National Anthem on May 4th at Fenway Park for the Boston Red Sox game.   Brother Davey was chosen as a part of the Rhode Island Day ceremonies at Fenway.

Just goes to show – you never know where you’ll see a Chi Phi next!


Where Are They Now? – Bryan Callaway

Whatever happened to Bryan CallawayBryan Callaway It’s been more than 15 years since Brother Bryan Callaway pledged with the Tau class to join the Delta Zeta Chapter of the Chi Phi Fraternity back in the Fall of 1998 – but while he may have graduated in 2002 with a major in Biology and a minor in Military Science, he has never forgotten his Brothers and the time spent with Delta Zeta.  Although he’s still single (and loving it!), he hopes to one day settle down and have some kids.

Between the military and his current profession as an Aerospace Program Manager, Brother Callaway has moved all over the world – from San Antonio to Nashville, from Iraq to India, and even Brazil and Germany.  But of all the places he’s lived, he likes to call “Lower Slower Delaware” (or “LSD” as he refers to it) his home.  With all of his traveling, he has not had the opportunity to visit Florida as much as he would have liked; however, Facebook has been a great tool that has allowed him to stay in touch with his Chi Phi Brothers.

When considering what Brother(s) he misses the most, Brother Callaway admits it is a tough question.  “All of the Chi Phi Brethren treated me very well during my college years,” he states.  “From Rush Week to Graduation, and to this day!  Bryan Callaway - thenHowever, if I must pick, the following two Brothers stand out:  (1) Brother Mark Smith, my Big, who still lives in the Tampa Bay area.  I was able to meet him last year at Tia’s, and the conversation flowed like nothing had changed.  For those of you still in the Tampa Area, Mark continues to throw great parties via ‘After Dark Productions’!  (2)  Brother Mike Grafstrom, who still lives in the Tampa Bay area as well.  Mike was the Alumni Advisor for a majority of my active years, and he was always there to provide some words of wisdom, pick-up lines, or just a random joke at the most inappropriate times!”

Looking back at his years in college and with Chi Phi, Brother Callaway re-iterates the words of his fellow Alumni, Brother Quincy Banis, with a caveat:  “’The Fraternity showed me leadership and the real-world consequences.  It gave me confidence to go to my first unit, and it gave me experiences that I could relate back to when I was starting in the Army.’  Quincy couldn’t have stated it better.  The Fraternity is a bunch of 18-22 year old Alpha males experiencing the real world together for the first time.  Chi Phi taught me negotiation and social skills, along with integrity and moral character attributes that are required to succeed in all avenues of life.  Joining Chi Phi was one of the best decisions I have made in my life, as it prepared me to succeed in both the military and corporate business sectors after college.”