Where Are They Now? Remember when…

Remember the days when you were still an Active Brother?  Remember getting together with your Brothers, hanging out, having a great time?  Those years spent in Delta Zeta while on the USF Campus may have been busy, trying to balance time between studying, working, dating, and having fun – but let’s face it – the days spent with your Brothers in Chi Phi were some very memorable times!

Chi Phi Charter  Chi Phi 2006 Dinner

Looking at these photos, it may seem like those days were a lifetime ago.  In fact, looking at some of these photos, we may be left to wonder – whatever happened to…?

Chi Phi at Bulls First Football Game  Chi Phi Paddles

Just because we are out of school, just because we are out in “the real world,” so to speak, doesn’t mean those Chi Phi days are over!  That’s why the Alumni Association is here.  To solidify that Brotherhood.  To keep us in touch.  And to remind us what it’s like to have Brothers who will always be there for you.

Chi Phi Greek Week Champs  Chi Phi Stampede of Service

Don’t forget the good ol’ days – because so long as the DZAA is around, those days – and your Brothers – are still here, and we’re looking forward to many more to come!

Chi Phi Mancation

Where Are They Now? – Steve Van Gorden


Whatever happened to Steve Van Gorden?  As a part of the Iota pledge class back in Fall 1993, Steve Van Gorden graduated in 1997 with a Bachelor’s in Secondary Social Studies Education.   Brother Van Gorden now resides in Spring Hill, where he is a Real Estate Associate.  Previously married to AOPI Jenny Fetch, he is blessed with two wonderful children – a daughter, Kaitlyn (age 13) and a son, Aiden (age 9).


Brother Van Gorden remains in contact with his fellow Chi Phi Alumni Bruce Cummings (Theta Delta, UF) and Chip Woodard – but he wishes he had better contact with Gil Peri, who he remembers as a very outgoing and friendly guy with a bright future!  “Chi Phi taught me the importance of friendship and loyalty,” Brother Van Gorden says, “I learned that a man’s word is his bond!”

Where Are They Now?

For some of us, it has only been a few years since graduation, and we remain in relatively constant communication with our fellow Chi Phi Brothers.  For others, though, it has been more than five…ten…fifteen…twenty or more years since graduation!  Do you ever wonder whatever happened to this Brother or that Brother?


Do you wonder where Adam Feinberg is?  What about Jeff D’Urso and Jeff West?  And just what are Tim White and Gus Suarez up to these days?  Is anyone still in contact with George King or Rich Wightman?  And let’s not forget Scott Walker and Gary Chaiken… And what about YOU?

The DZAA is a great place to re-connect with some of your Brothers and catch up with friends from the past!  “Where Are They Now?” is a regular feature in the DZAA Newsletter, THE WINE PRESS, and starting next month, it will also become a regular feature in our newsfeed here on the website.  We will be reaching out to the alumni to ask you that very question! If you want your Brothers to know where you are and what’s going on in your life, and you haven’t yet heard from us, then contact us and let us know – then no one will be left to wonder, where are they now?

(Special thanks to Chip Woodward for the photograph and identifying those in the photograph)