Climbing into the Wrong Bed with an Alumnus!

10342458_10153041097854223_7823933112216727190_nBrother Latoski is back up on the stage, as his latest play opens this weekend at the Shoestring Theatre in Lake Helen.

This time around, Brother Latoski is portraying 20150301_1259482Claude Stevens, a married man who gets caught up in his friend Ted’s scheme to pull one over the eyes of Ted’s uncle, who holds the purse-strings to all of Ted’s money. “Right Bed, Wrong Husband” is a comedy of epic proportions, filled with mistaken identities, quick-thinking scams, and tons of laughs. But the real question you have to ask yourself is … just how many people will Brother Latoski end up in bed with?

“Right Bed, Wrong Husband” opens on Friday, March 6, 2015 and runs every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday through March 22, 2015. If you’re in the area (or even if you’re not!), plan a Friday or Saturday evening out (or a Sunday afternoon adventure) to come support Brother Latoski in his seventh play at the Shoestring.

More information about the play and how to purchase tickets can be found at the website,