Extending a Warm Welcome to the New Alumni!

At this year’s Spring Meeting of the Delta Zeta Alumni Association, the outgoing officers all provided reports on their activities over the past six months, as well as took a look back at the past two years to see how much growth has occurred in the DZAA. The Board also presented and took a vote on the changes to the By-Laws, which passed nearly unanimously. Once all business was concluded, it then came time to welcome to the DZAA the newest Alumni.

Chi Phi - 2015 Alumni Installation

Recent graduates Will Bramich, Philip Gilroy, Paul Hinebaugh, Blaise Levai, David Long, and Alex Watts, as well as previous graduate Tyler Cheslosky, were all present at the meeting. The President, Secretary, and Treasurer went through the formal induction ceremony with the new Alumni, and welcomed these seven Brothers into the Delta Zeta Alumni Association.

We hope that all of our Alumni will make each of these Brothers fell welcome into the DZAA, as they leave the world of school behind them and embark on this new chapter of their lives!