President’s Message – Good Things are Afoot!


Another month has come and gone, and we as an Association continue to move forward. We are looking forward to the Founders’ Weekend this Spring. If you’re considering coming into town, please do! Bring the family along with you. We will be holding a happy hour on the evening of Friday, April 11th, a banquet to celebrate 30 years of Delta Zeta on Saturday the 12th, and we will cap off the weekend with the annual Scarlet and Blue Classic Softball Game on Sunday the 13th.

This June will be a very important time for the Fraternity as we will elect a new Grand Alpha at Congress in Ron FrankAustin, Texas. We are very happy and proud that Brother Ron Frank will be running for the position and support him fully in his endeavor. Chi Phi has come a very long way in the past 5 years under the leadership of Grand Alpha Jim Soderquist. Our Chapters have never been healthier, larger or as plentiful, and this can be attributed to the vision of Brother Soderquits and the rest of his Grand Council. I see this vision being carried forward and expanded where need be by a Grand Council under Brother Frank.

Good things are afoot all around us, and it is our Alumni Association Board’s mission to take advantage of all the opportunities present. We look forward to seeing you at the Founders Weekend as well as the many social events from now until then.

Brother David Ebner