Scholarship Fund

The undergraduate men of Chi Phi at USF face the challenge of ever increasing tuition costs. Sadly, men are forced to make hard decisions about their continuance with Chi Phi or at USF due to financial constraints every semester.
To remedy this, the DZAA has habitually funded academic and leadership training scholarships to the Chapter every year. With the creation of an endowment for the Delta Zeta Chapter by the Chi Phi Education Trust, there will always be money to help provide support to the men of Delta Zeta.
The DZAA has set the goal of raising the Delta Zeta Chapter Excellence fund to $50,000 by 2023, at which time $2,500 will be available for financial assistance every year to Delta Zeta Brothers.

All gifts to this fund are tax-deductible to the extent of IRS regulations.

To support scholarships for Delta Zeta, follow this link to the Chi Phi Educational Trust’s website. Please make sure to select “Chapter Excellence Fund/My Chapter” option under “I would like to support the following”.